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Double Grape is an all-round pleasure to smoke! Simply put its a fruity, uplifting, euphoric strain that packs a puch! She's easy to grow and manicure and all too easy to consume! One of our frostiest strains we've ever produced and it's not all show, Double Grape packs a mean punch too.

With it's very high THC/CBD content it makes for a full bodied cerebral high and can be reocmmeded for aches, pains, sleep and appetite stimulation.


Both the parents of Double Grape (Sour Stomper x Grape Crinkle) bring insane amount of trichomes to the table, and their distinctive individual grape based tastes combine amazingly to make something truly unique and special. Grown organicly providing the best taste cannabis has to offer.

Double Grape

  • Indica-Hybrid 

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